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Medical in local area, Orihuela Costa, Costa Blanca, Spain

Torrevieja Hospital

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Medical Information

Medical Treatment is superior in Spain and is one of the top countries in the world for health facilities. The World Health Organisation has declared this area as one of the healthiest places to live. Bathing in the salt lakes is said to heal skin complaints, anyone with arthritis and rheumatism will definitely feel the benefits of living in this healthy climate.

Form E111:

When visiting Spain it is advisable for everyone to obtain an E111 card, which can be obtained from any Post Office or the DHSS. It is also necessary to carry a photocopy of the E111, as well as the original, for presentation in case of emergency medical treatment or prescription medicines. You can also obtain the E111 on the internet at website :

Form E121:

Pensioners and recipients of Invalidity Benefit retiring to Spain permanently must obtain a Form E121 from the DHSS to cover health care services and regular medical assistance. Once in Spain, and residency has been applied for, the E121 should be taken to the ‘Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social’ (INSS), the Social Security office in Orihuela City, and exchanged for a health service card, a SIP card. It is then possible to register with a local General Practitioner at a ‘Centro de Salud’ (Health Centre) A very good medical centre can be found at Cabo Roig Orihuela Costa

Form E106

This form is for those under retirement age and can last for up to 2 years cover for health care from a designated tourist clinic.  Please check with the Health Authorities as this cover is due to cease / change by the end of 2008.

If you plan to live permanently in Spain you will need form E12.1. If you are not retired and you work, you need to have an employment contract and pay social security contributions in Spain to enjoy medical cover.

If you are Self Employed, you will be covered by the Spanish Health System, due to paying your National Insurance contributions, which at the time or writing is approx. €250 per month..

Private Health Care in Spain is very good and of course much quicker to get medical attention by a Doctor or Hospital than the Spanish National Health Service. You are covered from the day you take out the policy.

Pharmacies or Farmacias are easily identified by an illuminated green cross and are generally nearby the properties we rent. As in the UK, opticians and dentists or dentistas are easily found.


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